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MoneyEgg Beta Website (open to pre approved investors)

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a method by which investors are introduced to individuals or businesses wanting to borrow money. The normal method of achieving this is via a web based intermediary (in this case Money Egg) who facilitates the introduction of potential borrowers to potential investors and manages the process of lending and repaying the loans. It is important to appreciate that the loan contract is between the investor and the ultimate borrower. This method of raising money has become increasingly popular as the economic climate has hugely slowed down the appetite of banks and traditional financial institutions to lend money, whilst at the same time savers and investors are getting rates of return sometimes lower than inflation.

It is important to appreciate that any investment will have an element of risk. It is up to the investor to carefully weigh up the risk/reward balance that he is willing to accept before making any investment.

How do You Benefit?

Money Egg is able to offer a range of potential returns from investments of varying risk profile. Even the lowest returns on offer through Money Egg compare very favourably with those offered by banks and other traditional financial institutions. Investing is quick, easy and transparent.