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MoneyEgg Beta Website (open to pre approved investors)



  • Is MoneyEgg regulated?

    The peer-to-peer lending market is not regulated at present (though this is expected in the spring of 2014 a development that MoneyEgg welcomes). In the meantime, MoneyEgg is committed to operating to "best practice" standards in the sector.

  • Who is MoneyEgg?

    MoneyEgg is an independent organisation that allows individual investors to earn rates of interest that are unobtainable from traditional saving and investment products offered by banks and other financial institutions.

    It does this by offering fixed loan blocks from an independent finance organisation, IX Finance Limited. These loan blocks are secured by collections of credit agreements with carefully credit checked members of the public.

    MoneyEgg takes a fee from IX Finance from IX Finance for this service.

    This type of arrangement is commonly referred to as "crowd funding" or "peer-to-peer" lending


  • Who can invest?

    Anyone who is over 18 years of age can invest on the MoneyEgg platform

  • How much can I invest?

    You can invest any amount from £25 upwards

  • Is my investment safe?

    There is risk involved in any investment. However, risk is mitigated in several ways:

    • You will have a legal right of lien on a block of consumer credit agreements. This means that if IX Finance fails to pay your loan, you can directly access the monies paid by the consumers involved in "your" clearly identified loan block

    • All the consumers taking out the credit agreements which constitute your security are carefully credit scored by one of the UK’s leading credit checking agencies. These are then banded into clearly stated risk bands with easily predicted default rates

    • Each block of consumer credit agreements consists of around 75 individual deals. Even if one deal were to default, it has no connection with the other deals making up the loan block

    • The credit checking procedures, banding of consumers, predicted default rates and the legal liens of investors are test-checked every quarter by an independent auditor who will publish the results of their audit on the website

    • IX Finance will never borrow more than 70% of the monies due under the consumer credit agreements that it holds. This forms a substantial buffer to cope with potential default of individual credit agreements.

    • You can choose a loan block security category to suit your individual appetite for risk. The rate of interest you earn for a very low risk block will be lower than that for a slightly higher risk category but that is up to you to choose

  • When is cash taken from my investment account?

    Cash will only be taken from your account when the loan block has been fully funded by investors, and drawn down by IX Finance

  • When do I start to earn interest and receive repayments?

    Your first capital plus interest repayment will be received into your investment account on the last day of the month your loan block is drawn down, and on the last day of every month thereafter until it is fully paid.

  • How do I transfer money into and out of my Investment account?

    Money can be transferred into your investment account by debit card or bank transfer. You can access the cash in your investment account at any time. Details are contained in the "Investor Accounts" section of the website

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