5 Keys to Successful Peer to Peer Lending

5 Keys to Successful Peer to Peer Lending

With high returns and so much hype around them, it goes without saying that peer to peer lending has become the in thing for anyone who wants to invest and get returns that are significantly more than the rock-bottom interest rates that banks offer their clients. If you were a business-savvy investor who can afford to spare some money to loan for a good return, wouldn’t you prefer a 16% return over whatever banks are promising you?

Whether you’re skeptic or not, the fact remains that peer to peer lending is becoming a mainstream investment strategy and you’ll be missing out if you don’t take chances. These platforms, however, will be forcing lenders and borrowers alike to some new risks. After all, the reason why there’s a decline of investment with banks is that the returns are affected by regulation. This means that the more rewarding alternative isn’t as regulated as its traditional counterparts.

Of course, as a businessman, this shouldn’t stop you, right? No. In fact, risks are inherent in business.

But this is not to say that you should simply walk right into the whole thing and start raking in the returns. If you don’t play it smart, you’re not going to be earning much. Everything is done online – this should at least be enough to encourage you to enter the field prepared.

So if you’ve decided that peer to peer lending is for you, then your first key to success is research. Cover the whole website or company as well as your borrower. If you’re unsure about the website, there are lots of reviews online that could give you an idea. Companies that are mentioned a lot in business news can also be good places to start – you’re sure that the businesses are, at the very least, legit.

You’ll also want to review the profiles of your borrowers so as to be sure that: first, the money you shell in won’t be stolen or scammed off you; and second, to be able to compare between borrowers and see where you’ll get the most profit.

You should also be aware of the risks. Full knowledge of what you’re up against will help you prevent common mistakes new players in peer to peer lending make. It will also help you maximize your returns.

In line with this, it’s also important that every investment account for fees and charges. More often than not, companies will exaggerate their promised returns. This isn’t lying – they’re simply not mentioning what’s making your returns so small. Make sure you know and are okay with the charges your transactions will be undergoing. This includes knowing how much tax you should pay.

Even in peer to peer lending, practice makes perfect. Start small and see how you’ll do. This is a very common strategy to a lot of online businessmen. At the very least, you’ll get a feel of what it’s all like. But remember to take it slow – the average lender will start getting returns as early as six months. So don’t expect profit overnight.

If you follow these quick tips, no doubt peer to peer lending will be worth your while.
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